At Home Party,
Raj Bhavan, Odisha

On the occasions of the Independence Day and the Republic Day, His Excellency the Governor hosts AT HOME parties at the Raj Bhavan. Dignitaries such as Chief Minister, Chief Justice, Speaker of the Odisha Legislative Assembly, Members of the Council of Ministers, Members of Parliament from Odisha, Members of the Assembly, Judges of High Court, Chairman and Members of Central Administrative Tribunal, State Administrative Tribunal, prominent industrialists, social workers, chiefs of important NGOs, eminent persons in the fields of art, literature, music, sports, etc., who belong to the State, former Governors from Odisha, former Chief Ministers of Odisha, former Union Ministers and Ministers of State from Odisha, freedom fighters, central and state civil servants, members of the police and military, former Judges of the Odisha High Court, former Advocates General of Odisha and mediapersons are invited to the party. Freedom fighters are felicitated on the occasion.

Normally an AT HOME party continues for one hour in the afternoon. The party begins with the arrival of His Excellency the Governor and the First Lady at the venue. As soon as the Governor proceeds to the venue, six buglers blow their bugles and, soon after arrival of His Excellency the Governor and the First Lady at the venue, the National Anthem is played. At the end of the party, the same procedure is followed. All the guests are entertained with high tea. A brief cultural programme is often staged on the occasion.