Raj Bhavan,Puri

The Raj Bhavan at Puri, which was known as the Government House during British rule, was originally meant to be a summer resort for the Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of Bihar and Odisha. Located on the golden sands of the Bay of Bengal, the house was constructed in 1913-14. After Odisha was accorded the status of a separate province in 1936, the building served as the residence of the Governor of Odisha. However, administrative inconvenience had been caused for the Governor stayed at a distance of about 60 miles from Cuttack, the then capital of the province. In 1942, the residence of the Governor shifted to Cuttack. His Excellency, his guests and staff stay here during their visits to Puri. Originally, the Government House stood in an area measuring 30.226 acres, out of which a plot of land measuring 8.926 acres was alienated where Hotel Neelachal Ashok was built in 1983 to give a boost to tourism in Odisha.